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Is Leather Jacket More Popular Than Cotton Jackets?

leather jackets, Clothes always make a good impression not only about style, but also about personality. By wearing stylish clothes you make standards for yourself and peers (friend) group admires your style. Jacket, is the one that remains in style for years especially leather jacket. You can wear them with different tops, jeans, gowns….etc…

Cotton jacket need high maintenance (preservation), then the leather jacket. People don’t have time for the maintenance of cotton jacket. “Youngsters” prefer to wear leather blazers than the cotton jacket, because cotton jacket look more casual and less stylish.

They like to wear leather blazer over cotton t-shirts. Earlier, leather blazer was worn by bikers, rock stars, aviators or police officers. But now everyone likes to wear it, with different types of t-shirts.

A Cotton jacket comes in different colors in comparison to leather jackets. Leather jackets come in only black and brown color. Leather jackets go with almost every other color and give stylish and sexy look. But in cotton jackets you have to buy every color, to match it with your clothes.

Both men and women wear dress to impress others (opposite sex). Women leather jackets look attractive, while cotton jacket give the ragged look. Men leather jacket gives bumpy and hard look, which attract the opposite sex. For men and women various styles of leather jacket are available, while cotton doesn’t have much variety. Leather jacket can be worn in all season, but cotton jacket cannot be worn throughout the year.

Leather jacket is greatly famous among the stars and people like to follow them. Many film stars wear leather jacket at their films and personal life, it give rough and tough look. Leather jacket is not only famous among film stars but also among singer all over the world.

Leather jacket became a major part among the fashion industry. People wear them and show off them with pleasure. People always follow fashion; either it is bell bottoms, straight pants, low cuts, hats or any color or sample of the clothes.

You can wear leather jacket or blazer throughout the year in all season in any purpose (occasions) it give you a macho look, but cotton jacket give you formal look so you can’t wear them in late night party, it don’t give party look.

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